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Family, Life, and the Adventure!

Cirque Italia 

As a part of 99.9 WFRE Free Country, I get to go back stage and meet some pretty cool people. It has been a blast to work for a radio station. This was an event called Cirque Italia, where the performers came from another part of the world.  As a part of the circus they face many challenges and set up is no exception. In this case, Cirque Italia is the only water circus in the country. The stage is like a fully functioning water fountain you'd see in a movie like the Great Gatsby. At times, half of the stage lifts into the air letting water  trickle down from the heavens. With lights, lasers, water, acrobatics, and death defying stunts, one could bring the whole family to this event.  Check them out and take the family.  Want to check them out before you go? Click on the picture to head to my coverage of the circus. 

Enjoy and look forward to share moment around Frederick! Stay tunned for more!

4th on the 24th

Summer time heat, pool parties, heat lighting, firework and much more. July is a month that offers it all for summer time qualification. 4th on the 24th, was an event make up date for the 4th of July FIREWORKS. A little hotter than usual Fredneckians showed up for the show, including I. As the fireworks were approaching the slow approaching clouds brought a little Rain and Lighting. Thinking they were going to postpone once more, Frederick pushed onwards giving me this opportunity to capture this captivating Lightning picture mixed in with the fireworks. More pictures of the event are on the Client & Event page of the website. Go check them out!!! 

4th of the July, Party in the Park

Everyone knows what the 4th of July means; Fireworks, Music, Beach and much much more.

In Frederick County it means more, as for being the biggest party of the year. With a line up of fantastic country singers and local entertainment and lets not talk about the endless food providers that can put one in a summer time food coma. Though the rain stirred some away, true country fans toughed it out with every down poor of rain the music kept playing louder and louder! Some entertainers even boasting about the loyalness of a country fan mean "nothing will hold one back from listening to thier favorite country music, rain included. Though the music never stopped the fireworks had to be delayed for another time.    

See more photos and videos as well as interviews at the 99.9 WFRE Free Country website!!!!

Ronnie Milsap

Bringing Frederick county and more to the heart of the city, The Weinberg Center for the Arts. People flooding in from young and old demographics to the far coners of Frederick and some of Virgina and PA. Ronnie Milsap brought it to every fan, making jokes, singing song from previous albums, making fans wanting more. 99.9 WFRE covered the event, getting one on one interview with the country legend and his band. Check out more on the Free Country Website or their Facebook.

Summer Time

Summer is here and im loving it! Sun, sand sounds and scenery for days.Other then taking pictures, summer consists of late night fishing, soaking up the sun on the weekends, spontanious rides to get lost and much more. 

1st pic: Was taken Catfishing under candel light and the stars.

2nd pic: Summer blesses us with beautiful flowers and more.

3rd pic: This is a gravel road that rest on the lower end of Sugarloaf Mountain. One of my very first pics.

4th pic: Of cousre summer isn't summer without fireworks

5th pic: Summer bonfires always make for great stories and reflecting on past memories.

6th pic: Even though fall usually has the best sunsets, this one is hard to beat. With the mixes of pinks and oranges as well as the natural night sky filling in. Taken off close to Walkersville 

7th pic:  Spotted an old International truck. The sun setting and a hot air ballons mearly floating above the trees. 

8th pic:A summer with out the beach, is not a summer at all. 

Get a hold of more on the site and more!

Download or purchase a hard copy to keep, by clicking on a picture, choosing "buy". Tons of options for anyone's pleasing. From coffee mugs to metallic canvas's. 

Hay Fields of Green

Living away from the city means, nothing better than great scenery!!! I get jealous of the individuals that live along this road. On one side of the road is hills and hills of trees and farms leading to the east, on the left side is, fields of green hay leading to the Appalachian mountains towards the west. Sunrise to sunset has magnificent scenery. My famous activity is to start driving, taking random turns in hopes to get purposefully lost. Fun little game to waste time and explore.

Summer is SLOWWlyyy approaching, but Exploring doesnt have to stop!

So get out there and get lost, just remember to keep your phone charged incase you have to find your way back home!           


LT Lost in The Woods

I came across a photo style called "Double Exposure". Essentially its like mixing two photos together to make one photo, but not. Kind of looks like one of the scratch away rainbow designs I use to do.

The reason for my father being the subject matter is based on a real expirence. 

One day last year. My father and brother both took a trip down to the Great Smoky Mountains, NC. During the trip my dad and brother got separated due to different interests. While my brother went mountain biking my father took a hike. The trail formed a circle, so no real reason to be lost but in this case he started a little tooo late. As night approached so did my fathers anxious thoughts of bears and rattlers attacking in the night. He then FRANTICALLY calls me to come get him. Mind you to say "I was in Maryland". I would make the drive but too far.  I told him to call my brother and resolve the situation. He told my brother call everyone! Park police, National Gaurd, maybe even the president."I have to be Found". Eventually my father found his way backto the beginning of the trail.

Its a scary thought to be lost in the woods. I know! I use to help people off of the mountain when I worked at Sugarloaf Mountain. 

I myself almost got lost at night. Stay calm ,take inventory of acquired gear and use the phone sparingly, cause you never know when you might get lost and need help. 

Remember to Enjoy and Explore!

 The Road Side

 Rainy day strikes! Run out of activities to do inside? Try taking a road trip around town, or   destination. Make sure to bring the camera for scenery can be captured at any time. Make sure that the car suits the trip. I know my Subaru gets me everywhere I need to go and more. From the concrete to the backroads of the Frederick Watershed.

All of the following photos were taken along the road. New content has been added as well as categories. Click around, explore,  and if you see something you like keep it for yourself, by downloading or buying a hard copy of the picture. Summer is coming.!! 


The Weekender 

Trying to fill the weekend with activities? From a charming historic downtown scene to the ball park, Frederick has Plenty! 

 Events of a weekend could start with a hike up to a point of Appalachian Trail from the Catoctin Furnace entrance and up to the top you go. Following the morning hike one could fill up the night with hot dogs, burgers, entertainment, and more at the Frederick Keys Stadium. A activity that could bring exciting night of game ending with FIREWORKS, of course check the Schedule to make sure. 

  Sunday could be filled up with even more activities. Start the morning with a sip of coffee downtown. Are Kids craving for fun? Venture on over to Adventure Park, USA where go-karts, laser tag and more can leave them Thanking You for days.

More content and activities to come.


Artistically Mobile 

With technology advancing, pictures are becoming more obtainable. I only had an Iphone when i started this journey. The iPhone really helped me discover that i loved taking pictures, and sharing moments. With an natural eye for art and design people started taking a reckoning to my pictures. 

As i continue my journey of photography, I invite you to stay with me through my Instagram ,or Facebook

Some photos will be from the site, but most are phone uploads. Some can be seen under the "Mobile Uploads" category 


  Chesapeake Charm

Visiting baltimore on a day trip one could visit the Inner harbor.  supporting a vibrant red and white coating, the Lightship 116 Chesapeake is one of many attractions in the Inner Harbor. Did you know???The Chesapeake was in fact painted gray at one point, during the early 40's. The chesapeake was used for marking the way into the chesapeake Bay under treacherous weather conditions. Completed in the 1930's, the Lightship served  till  the early 70's before becoming obsolete due to rapid advances in technology. 

Make a day trip out of Baltimore. Visiting the shops, various dining options and historical exhibits throughtout the harbor.

More content has been added to the website.

Happy Easter and Enjoy the week everyone!!

Source: The Chesapeake

Frederick County Spires

Spring and Fall have by far the best sunsets.

Frederick County is known for their homestyle brewed beer Flying Dog, and one of the best cities to grow up in.  

Frederick backs up to the Appalachian mountains that span from Georgia to Maine. 

 Frederick has it pros and cons, but if you are looking for a place to enjoy hiking, running,  downtown scene, and a small town feeling, Frederick is the place to be.

IF you are willing to travel downtown, try locating the parking decks and head to the top before the sunset. This was shot from one of three parking decks located in the downtown location. It is located right on Carroll Creek which is a lively place for food, entertainment, and local shops. THis is one of the better views to get a panoramic view of the Frederick church Spires, being located on the outer rim of downtown Frederick. 

Go ahead, climb to the top of a parking deck or maybe all of them.

New Pictures have been added of my city and some of its glory.


Henry's Heaven 

They're lap dogs, there are sleepers, and some are hunters. Henry is a little of all of them. He loves being picked up and carried like a child, but could transform in an instant wanting to wrestle. Henry loves exploring the woods and waters. Above is Linganore Creek that feeds into Lake Linganore. The creek is filled with towering Plantee trees and enormous oaks shadowing the creek into the woods. This is a perfect playground for exploring. 

Spring Pictures are coming soon!


For this beautiful couple saying, "Yes," is the beginning of a new chapter in their love story. Barnabas and Kristin met a little over 12 years ago, while working at a local Ledos Pizzeria. Where BJ’s (short for Barnabas) spark for a BEAUTIFUL Blue eyed waitress, Kristin Quijada began.

Though their love story didn’t start til later on in life, those eyes stayed on his mind. Years later BJ and Krit met at a little get together.

BJ and Kristin adore their families. Both families are a big part of who BJ and Kristin are. Giving her up was a big deal for Kristin’s family, but BJ is that missing piece of the puzzle that fills her family's life with endless joy and reassurance. Kristin is a building block for BJ’s family, bringing love and compassion to a family of four menacing brothers, clawing at each other demonstrating the meaning of tough love. Not only did love draw them closer, their faith propelled them through many struggles and hardships.

Krit’s and Bj’s wedding day came a little later then scheduled. Wishing for a Winter Wonderland Wedding theme, they got the Blizzard of 2016. Two weeks later, they tied the knot.

Chestnut Sky

After the Blizzard of 2016 came and went, I was curious to find out what damage had come about. Rather then finding any damage, I found a world transformed into grace. Most of the areas around my neighborhood were  not  plowed yet or even touched. For living in the country side comes at a price.

Chestnut Grove is a road is something you hear about in a song. With cows, deer, horses and Dodge dullies riding up and down the road. The storm settled Saturday night revealing a sky illuminated by stars and an arrangement of dissipating waves of salmon clouds.  Though the flourescent light magnifies the copper colored barn as it sends a casting shadow of trees and structures making a nice contrast of light and shadow across the land.  

Gunpowder Adventures 

At the bottom of the hill rests a bridge that makes a sweeping snake like pattern in the road.  

Located in Kingsville, MD Gunpowder Falls State Park is where this adventure took me this week. Parking just above the bridge starts the exploration. Tramping up and down treacherous hills and gliding along river inlets. Letting the dog run free in a wilderness that would entice such an animal to wander deep into the woods never to be found. Henry, with his senses being ramped to the sky, guides us through the trail onward to the finishing line, making minor pit stops  to fall back into the 1940's.

Snow is coming soon. Everyone enjoy the approaching winter weather and be safe!

Happy New Year Everyone,

 Hopefully you all had a very safe and wholesome New Year's Eve. Baltimore was calling me this year to come join the festivities around Canton. While many are making promises and hopes for the year to come. Mainly to be better than the last.

 I hope this year comes with new explorations and new scenery from the year before. Another thing is i hope to bring to viewers a fun enjoyable experience to my website. A site that they could come to for an escape from the day to day routine. Thank You! 

Come Join me in making my year better. With your comments and suggestions or picture requests. 

Thank You 



Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Christmas, I know I did! This one holiday is probably one of my favorite holidays. Yes, maybe because I get endless presents, ha. Just kidding. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because everyone gets together and celebrates the reason why we are alive. Jesus. A simple individual set out to guide humanity to do great things with his or her life through Him. Hopefully you are enjoying the pictures of the section "Christmas". Want to digitally download them? Contact me for information.

Snow Ball Teddy Bear

His first snows fall. Henry had to make every little bit of time in the snow worthwhile. Trekking up and down hills, splashing through streams, and exploring a new playground. Henry is menacing to the household. Ripping up anything that is regarded as trash. He finds joy in making the biggest mess around the house. He has energy for days on end and loves to chase after the uncatchable deer. Henry is a new addition to the family and is slowly melting our hearts. We would not have sought out such a wild and rambunctious Teddy Bear of a dog, but somehow his exuberance makes him all the more endearing. The snowy season is his favorite and brings a new atmosphere to his familiar playground. !EnJoY Your Holidays! Only four more days!

Mother's Nature

Mama Jeanne A great role model. She is stern and sympathetic. While having a leadership role in the work force, she is florist at heart. Making arrangement for the church, bouquets for weddings, and lovers wanting to impress without the hassle of a store clerk. Always ready for a hike, getting away from the of the city scene, searching for nature's best work. This is updated every week. There will be a new photo, as well as a little story/ description. !EnJoY your Holidays!

The Fallen

Hannah is a bright individual, and a natural for the camera. Spotting a fallen tree, Hannah and her mother, Amy, posed for some shots. This one is Hannah looking down a fallen pine tree on Sugarloaf Mountain, Dickerson, Maryland, an area I enjoy exploring.

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